The guitar perfection courses held at Pordenone have represented for twenty years a spotlight for guitarists on an international scale. This is demonstrated by countless prestigious achievements and acknowledgements obtained by the school’s students throughout the years.

Our didactic principle is founded upon the search for maximal spontaneity within every musical and expressive event. Therefore, to us technique consists in the ability of knowing how to use the body in its most natural way, free to perform the appropriate gestures that help the musician fulfill the ideas found in the music score.
To interpret means to feel, to desire, to understand and to realize. A large part of the interpreter’s research is consequently carried out analyzing all the objective and subjective elements that blend into the creation of sound, therefore making compositions live, translating sensations and emotions suggested by the notes, liberating music as it is and as it is heard.


Individual and chamber music courses are held by Maestros Adriano Del Sal and Paolo Pegoraro.

  • Annual master
    8, 12 or 16 lessons programmed freely in agreement between teachers and students.
  • Biennial perfecting master with final diploma
    16 lessons per year, complying with the biennial study programme.
  • Chamber music perfection course
    8, 12 or 16 lessons programmed freely in agreement between teachers and students.

A different number of lessons can also be defined under special request to the administration.
The lessons could be in Italian, English and Spanish.

The courses periods will take place starting October 2020 up until June 2021, at the Segovia Guitar Academy, located at Vicolo delle Acque, 2/a, Pordenone. For those who plan to attend, it will be necessary to pass an admission examination sending a video containing the program for the course you wish to attend (via youtube, vimeo, WeTransfer, Sendspace, etc.) within Saturday 12 September 2020.

This are the dates of the meetings for the current school year 2020-2021:
16, 12 and 8 lessons courses (only Paolo Pegoraro)
• 2020: 3-4 October, 14-15 November, 5-6 December.
• 2021: 6-7 February, 13-14 and 27-28 March, 17-18 April, 8-9 and 22-23 May, 12-13 and 26-27 June.

8 lessons courses (Adriano Del Sal and Paolo Pegoraro)
2020: 31 October-1 November, 19-20 December.
2021: 20-21 February, 10-11 April.

Only with Maestro Paolo Pegoraro, it is possible to arrange other dates in the days from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 o’clock.

ATTENTION: because the COVID-19, the students can attend the courses also online.

Exam programme:

• annual master: free choice programme of approximately fifteen (15) minutes;
• biennal perfecting master with final diploma: see the predetermined admission exam programme.

Participation certificates and merit diplomas will be conferred after completing the lessons.