It is said that there is no greater joy for a man than doing what he was born to do. And we are glad to know what is our mission.
Every student that comes to our school is important to us.

With determination and conviction we strive to give our best to contribute to a happy and conscious development of self-discovery through music. Embracing a pedagogical responsibility requires the willingness to open up to others and to be truly interested in each student, implementing a constantly refreshed and creative design.

We believe that a student-teacher relationship should always be based upon cooperation, respect and mutual esteem. We also consider very important that the personality of a young artist can easily mature being in contact with several teachers.

Multiple perceptions, different ways of experiencing music, various kinds of personal approaches, personal life experiences and diverse cultural backgrounds will enrich the student to a greater extent, not only as a musician, but as a person.

Our school works on multiple levels: from the first lessons to the perfection courses. Naturally not all the school’s students will become professional musicians, but we are convinced that through music they will grow as better individuals.

Young people who discover the joy of making music, both individually and as a group, facing the challenge and efforts that entail playing an instrument, will more easily become valuable human beings, individuals of great character. The relationship with the instrument, through an inner journey, should eventually lead to the expression of oneself, of the music we feel inside and of what we can communicate.

Therefore we will be happy to assist every young guitarist in his voyage through music, with renewed enthusiasm and sincere friendship.